June 18,2018
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National land use change monitoring
National land use change monitoring project is a long-term national supervision program, launched by the Ministry of Land and Resources in 1999, with the aim to detect the land use changes, especially the conversion of cultivated land and other types of farmland to construction land in municipal regions with fast economy development.
In continuous performance and improvement, the operational processing framework is established and ameliorated, to detect land use changes either from bi-temporal remote sensing images or from land use base map and satellite data; the novel image processing algorithms are developed and improved, to fully explore the advantages of high resolution image data, SPOT5, IKONOS and Quickbird; the up-to-date land use maps are produced and distributed, to assist the land use planning and management.
Fig.4: Land use monitoring of Xiamen High-tech Industrial Park using SPOT 5 image:(left)SPOT 5 image over Xiamen High-tech Industrial Park,(right) the corresponding land use base map

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