June 18,2018
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Institute of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing

Remote Sensing Information Processing
The researches within this field could be generally summarized as the study of key technologies for remote sensing data processing, analyzing and applications. Current work includes: the RS data processing system development, in the context of state of art image processing algorithms and computational technologies; the key application technologies study for environment monitoring, land use investigation, geographic data updating, etc.; the advanced computational architectures (i.e.: grid computing) research, for the high performance computation and the manipulation of mass of RS data.
So far, a number of national programs have been successfully executed, including the RS data processing platform development and applications, RS data processing software development, hyperspectral data analysis in land use dynamic monitoring, etc.
One good example of the achievements could be the CASM ImageInfo, a software with CASM’s intelligence property rights. After years’ development and improvement, it has evolved into a sophisticated yet user-friendly RS data processing system with comprehensive functions and high performance; and has been widely used in a range of applications, military, forestry, agriculture, survey, and geology, for instance.
Fig.5: The production appearance and mapping module interface

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