June 18,2018
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Institute of Geodesy and Geodynamics (Fangshan Satellite Laser Ranging Observatory)

To promote the development of Chinese satellite gravimetry system, to strengthen the theory study and technology development of satellite gravimetry. To promote the applications of gravimetry satellite in geodetic system, geodynamics. To study the theory and methods for cm-level geoid determination; to develop the software for geoid determination using hybrid measurements; to combine the high precision marine geoid and mainland geoid.
To strengthen the construction of Fangshan SLR station; to extend the applications of SLR in space-flight by cooperating with other institutes; To develop software for orbit determination using SLR and on-board GPS receives. To improve the ability of SLR station to observe further objects, such as the Galileo satellite, etc. To drive the development of geodesy、remote sensing of Chinese Academy of Surveying and Mapping by extending the applications of SLR station. To strengthen the researches related to the applications of geodesy in geodynamics、resource and environment monitoring.
To improve the ability of the institute to integrate geodetic techniques and their applications. Such as the information and technique services of geodetic systems, mobile GPS system, electrical navigation. To pay more attention in the hardware and software developments in combined positioning and navigation, GPS/InSAR (Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar), GP/SINS(Strap-down Inertial Navigation System), under-water positioning and navigation system.

Director:     Mr. Dang Yamin   E-mail:
Deputy Director: Mr. Bei Jingzhong   E-mail:
         Mrs. Zhao Chunmei  E-mail:

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