June 18,2018
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Institute of Geodesy and Geodynamics (Fangshan Satellite Laser Ranging Observatory)

The DGPS software developed by the institute was used in the data acquire of highways and roads with great success, which speeds up the update of geographic information. The high-tech project(863 project) titled “High precision under-water DGPS positioning and navigation system” was also finished by the institute, which can be used for under-water object tracking, under-water positioning and navigation and under-water engineering.
The projects “Joint adjustment between astro-geodetic network and Chinese GPS network GPS2000” (financed by State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping) and “Demonstration system of technical cooperation in Galileo Project” (financed by Ministry of Science and Technology) were finished by the institute recently, which will promote the use of geocentric coordinate system in China and the applications of space technologies in China.
From 2000 to 2004, more than twenty projects with financial supports mainly from the Ministry of Science and Technology and State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping, including several high-tech projects and national key projects. These researches involved in different fields, such as geodesy、marine geodesy and geophysics. Persons with special ability played key roles in the researches, who form a fundamental base for the development of the institute.

Research fields
Geodetic datum and geodynamics
Earth’s gravity field and dynamic satellite geodesy
Orbit determination and space geodesy
Kinematic positioning and navigation
Geoid determination
Marine geodesy

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