October 24,2020
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Institute of Geodesy and Geodynamics (Fangshan Satellite Laser Ranging Observatory)

The Institute of Geodesy and Geodynamics is one of the famous institutes in China, which has been focused on theory study and applications of geodesy. The institute can also carry on projects in survey engineering.
The institute has carried out fruitful researches in different fields, such as the establishment of geodetic datum in China,satellite geodesy, gravity measurements and earth’s gravity field, spirit leveling and geodynamics. The institute has been granted several technical awards at the state-level and province-level. Many technical problems in fundamental surveying were solved by the institute, which contributed to the theory study and applications of geodesy in China.
Since 1970’s, several projects haven been finished by the institute, such as the height determination of Everest、the adjustment of astro-geodetic network、the establishment of Xi’an 1980 geodetic coordinate system, the establishment of China 1985 Gravity Base Net and the design and short-arc adjustment of Doppler network, etc. These projects have played key roles in the establishment and maintenance of Chinese geodetic datum, which also satisfied the necessity of national economy and defense.
Since 1980’s, great improvements have been achieved in satellite geodesy, satellite laser ranging, geodynamics and the applications of inertial navigation in the institute. The institute was also very active in the establishment of national order A and order B GPS networks, the establishment of China gravity base net, etc. The institute has been in charge of many projects, especially the national key projects, marine high-tech projects. Many valuable research results were achieved.

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