October 24,2020
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Research Center of Government Geographic Information System

Research Center of Government GIS of CASM was established in 1998. It has 20 research staff, and more than 40 postgraduate students and supporting staff members. The Research Center is divided into 6 research groups named respectively: Software System for Spatial Database Management, Web GIS Software System, Software System of E-Government and Office Automation, Construction of Application System and Software Testing, Establishment of Spatial Database, Statistic Analysis and Data Mining. Objectives of the Research Center are: to study the requirements of E-Government to the geographic spatial dada and GIS; to develop the software systems of specially used for E-government GIS; to set up the spatial decision support systems applied for the government agencies at both national and local government levels. The application systems are providing government agencies with the powerful tools for business management and policy-making.
In recent years, in cooperation with the Information Center of the General Office of the State Council, the Research Center of Government GIS has completed a number of important research projects, and got a great achievement in fields of government GIS. Some research achievements are listed below:
* Design and development of “GeoWindows” GIS software systems are completed, which becomes the basic software platform for construction of the E-government at the National and local administration.
* Several E-government application systems have been established, such as: Flood Control and Meteorological Information Systems, Comprehensive National Situations GIS for the State Council, Spatial Decision Support Systems for Revamping the West etc..
* A series of scientific papers and books conducted with Government GIS are published both in China and abroad.
* The Secretariat of Technical Commission of E-government GIS of Chinese Association of GIS is located in the Research Center of Government GIS.
Future development tasks of the Research Center are: to set up the theoretical Architectures of the Spatial Decision Support Systems; to develop the software systems for E-Government; to promote the further application of geo-spatial data in the various fields of economical and social development, such as: E-Government, resources and ecological environment, treatment of emergencies, regional coordinated development, design and management of infrastructure etc.

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