October 24,2020
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Institute of Cartography and Geographic Information System(Institute of Toponomy of State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping)

Cartography and Geographic Information System
The research direction of Cartography and Geographic Information System is an important branch in the field of surveying and mapping science and technology. Under the support of related scientific technology, it is key roles are to collect, store manage, analyze. Visualize, apply and revise spatial information. It can provide various services to government agencies. The main investigation fields include research on spatial understanding, designing, developing and application of GIS, methods on visualization of spatial information, digital city, etc.
In recent years, the completed projects include the state fundamental GIS resource environment information system for macro retrieval and analysis, research on structure and application of temporal statistical database, the build-up of Three Gorge database, Tactual Atlas of China, Chinese herbs Resources Atlas, Collection of China Ancient Maps, Natural Disaster Atlas of China, Hong Kong Atlas, the development of CD product of China Digital maps (1:1,000,000 world version), as well as the projects on developing national standards, professional standard and specification, such as standards for 1:1,000,000 topographic map, the classification and coding of fundamental geographic information data, product mode of digital topographic map, classify and codes for the thematic map information, geographic grid, etc.
The main fields of research on geographic names are: basic theory and application of toponymy, standardization of inland and abroad geographic names, establishment of geographic name information system, compiling the related books and gazetteers. In recent years, more than ten rules have been worked out to transliterate national minority languages, such as Mongol, Uygur, and Tibet, into mandarin. Several books on toponymy and gazetteers have been published.
In the future, the research on geographic name will be devoted to the standardization of writing system for geographic names, popularization of theory study and knowledge, and the development and utilization as well as the establishment of geographic name database.

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