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May 26,2019
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Deputy Director-General Li Weisen attended the CASM 2010 Annual Summing-up Meeting and delivered a Speech

In the morning of Jan. 13th, 2011, CASM held the 2010 Annual Summing-up Meeting. Deputy director-general, member of leading Party group of the State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping(NBSM)Li Weisen, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.
After debriefing the 2010 Annual Summing-up Report of Chinese Academy of Surveying & Mapping (CASM), Deputy director-general Li Weisen granted full recognition to various achievements obtained by the Academy in 2010. He said CASM had achieved fruitful results in 2010, especially in the following aspects:
First, CASM performed the outstanding contributions to support the development of Surveying & Mapping in China. It includes solving the most difficult problems in the technology innovation of Western Mapping and production safety in Western China Mapping Program. The 927 Program, the Digital City Program, the Geocentric Coordinate System Transformations and 9202 Program, etc., all of which are playing the important roles in the Chinese undertaking of surveying and mapping and in the implementation of the major projects of NBSM;
Second, CASM obtained the outstanding advance in building the technical equipment. The China-made airborne SAR broke through the international blockade and fulfilled the domestic blank, which initiated the application of indigenous airborne SAR; the popularization and application of unmanned planes generates comparatively large effect, and within one year, 27 provincial bureaus have been effectively equipped with unmanned planes which have earned much reputation.
Third, CASM has achieving the marked results in application for national major science & technology programs, especially in the general implementation of larger projects from the 863 Program.
Fourth, a number of result obtained the gratifying achievements and some distinguished papers and monographers also obtained significant achievements.
Fifth, a significant improvement has been made in foreign and domestic cooperation, especially the great advance in domestic cooperation i.e. the active cooperation with provincial bureaus and relevant companies which has received much success. The International journal sponsored by CASM is a good platform.
Sixth, the aspects of achieving advanced and excellent, the management system building, the finance, and logistical support are solidly guaranteeing the development of our business and integrity is molded in these fields.
Deputy director-general Li Weisen brought up his wishes for the future development of CASM and proposed three requirements for future work. The first requirement is conscientiously studying and discerning the situation. It is required to study and carry through the instruction of leading comrades in the Central Committee on surveying and mapping and the spirit of the national convention of bureau directors of surveying and mapping so as to provide technological support in the aspects like the implementation of basic surveying and mapping and national geographic conditions monitoring according to the requirements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on surveying and mapping, and to develop more products to fulfill the society requirements. The second requirement is elaborately design and long-term planning. It is required to well develop the Twelfth Five-Year Plan according to the development of the country and bring up the development strategy of CASM as well as the fields needing breakthrough and the major projects to be carried out in the Twelfth Five-Year Plan; to elaborately design the internal structure and make necessary adjustment; build the system of personnel training and growth. The final requirement is enhancing management and increasing the standard. It is required to further implement the achieving advanced and excellent activity, optimize the system and enhance the internal management.

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