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October 22,2020
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Kurexi Investigated Fangshan Satellite Laser Ranging Observatory

Morning of May 4, Kurexi Maihesuti, Director General of NASG, visited Fangshan Satellite Laser Ranging Observatory(FSLRO), to investigate the construction situations of FSLRO. Li Pengde, Deputy Director General of NASG, Wang Yongmei, Deputy director of the office of NASG, Zhang Huifeng, Director of the Planning finance division, etc. participated in the research, accompanied with Cheng Pengfei, President of CASM, and Zhao Jicheng, Party Committee Secretary of CASM.
Arrived at FSLRO, Kurexi came to the International GNSS monitoring and assessment system, to make a detailed understanding of the running condition. Then reached Satellite laser Observatory, listened carefully to the report on working principle of satellite laser ranging system, system maintenance and daily observation. Kurexi communicated frequently with technical personnel about the acquisition and application of satellite laser observation.
At the meeting, Cheng Pengfei welcomed and thanked Kurexi and the delegation, made a briefly introduces of the history, observation technology and function of the station. After listening to the work report of FSLRO, Kurexi stressed that FSLRO was the only field observation station to support the development of surveying and mapping. NASG will attache great importance to the promotion and strengthening of the construction of FSLRO.
Cheng pengfei and Zhao Jicheng thanked for the care and support offered by NASG and relevant departments, and said that in accordance with the requirements of NASG, CASM would do the construction of FSLRO well.

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