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October 24,2020
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2016 Kick-Off Meeting for National Geographic Conditions Monitoring project led by CASM held in Beijing

March 30th, under the unified deployment of Department of Land Survey of NASG, 2016 Kick-Off Meeting for National Geographic Conditions Monitoring project led by CASM was held in Beijing. Vice president of CASM Liu Jiping attended the meeting. Project management or technical persons in charge from 31 provinces, and related personnel from offices and National Geographic Conditions Monitoring research center of CASM took part in the meeting.
Before the start of the meeting, president of CASM Cheng Pengfei paid great attention to this meeting. He organized the coordinating meeting and detailed the layout of the tasks, and made clear requirements for the meeting.
On the meeting, relative technicians from the research center of CASM introduced the main tasks, arrangement and main achievements of the 4 projects: Beijing, and Tianjin coordinated development of important geographical conditions monitoring, monitoring of spatial pattern change of National New District, the development and utilization of the national coastal zone monitoring (combined with the deepening of the pilot work of the coastal tidal flat change monitoring) and spatial pattern change monitoring of cities and typical cities in China led by National Geographic Conditions Monitoring research center of CASM in details. Project leaders of these 4 projects introduced the design scheme of the project, the detail of the work foundation, the monitoring content and index, the overall technical process and technical requirements, quality control.
As for the projects in 2016, Liu Jipin put forward 3 suggestions, first is to constantly improve awareness, treat the promotion of the transformation and upgrading of Surveying, Mapping and geoinformation industry as our responsibility, and fully understand the significance of thematic geographic conditions monitoring; second is to be realistic and express accurately, not only to find out what, where, but also to find out how and how much" in thematic monitoring; third is to insist on the integration of resources and achievement sharing, to survey while using, providing the data in real-time, strengtheingn the effectiveness of supervision and regulation.
On the afternoon of 30th, CASM invited more than 10 experts from Institute of Spatial Planning & Regional Economy ,National Development and Reform Commission P.R.C and some provincial Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation to review the project design document of the 4 projects. Cheng Pengfei attended the review meeting. He pointed out that according to China's national economic and social development of the thirteenth “Five-year” plan, to carry out geographical conditions monitoring has become a routine work.
Beijing Tianjin Hebei coordinated development, the development and utilization of coastal zone and the development of Urbanization are closely related to the implementation of the national strategy and the economic and social development, and will be the important content that the leadership of the party and the country will focus on in the future of China's development process. The release of the achievements of Bei jing-Tian jin-He bei region important geographic conditions monitoring including Bei jing-Tian jin-He bei region key atmospheric particulate matter pollution sources(PM2.5and PM10)got the instructions of the national leadership, and monitoring results will play an increasingly important role in the country's major policy, policy formulation, government decision-making and so on. He hoped that the experts attended the design review meeting can be strict, making every effort to find out all sorts of problems existing in the design. He also requires related technicians from the research center of CASM to give full consideration to the country's major requirements and technical implementation, and do a good job in the organization and implementation of 2016 year's thematic Geographical Conditions Monitoring. (Article/ Zhai Liang, Yuan Jie)

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