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October 24,2020
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The government of Henan Province held the Leading decision data support system scheduling meeting

August 29th, the Hebei provincial government leadership decision support system scheduling meeting was held in the provincial government of Hebei. Wu Xiaohua, Deputy Secretary General of the people's government of hebei province attended the meeting, along with more than 100 people from eight comprehensive office, provincial statistics bureau, the provincial department, provincial education department.
On the meeting, Chu Sumin, deputy director of Technology Department of Henan provincial government make the report, in which introduced background and the significance of construction of the system, as well as the system module function. Ma Zhidong, deputy director of the the eighth division of Comprehensive Department demonstrated the public health system.
After listening to the report, Wu Xiaohua pointed out that, Hebei provincial government leadership decision-making data support system is a constructive work, and the system framework has been basically formed. The index system was scientific, and the data was rich, with a wide covering range. Through big data analysis, will provide strong support for the leadership of the provincial government. There are still some problems in the current system construction, first is that the data reflecting the progress of the work which some provincial leaders concerned has not been covered. Second is some departments have not yet implemented internal responsibility, and it also needed to further increase coordination. Third is on the basis of perfect data, the data should be summarized and analyzed, and then the predictive suggestions and opinions should be given. In order to speed up the system construction, further improve the system function, to achieve the goal of "effective and good to use", Wu Xiaohua put forward four requirements, one is to further improve understanding and speed up the construction of the system; Second is to strengthen the organization and coordination, clear the responsibility to implement the work; Third is to improve the work system, to ensure that the system data is complete, accurate, fresh; Forth is to strengthen exploration and innovation, and strive to build the system to become the provincial government to lead the scientific decision-making and effective services for the Department of large data systems.
Wu Xiaohua emphasized that the leadership of the provincial government decision-making data support system is a pioneering work, involving multiple departments, and coordination was difficult, with no experience for reference. It’s believed that under the guidance of the provincial government, the system can definitely be well established with the concerted efforts, playing a positive role in promoting for the economic and social development for Hebei province.
Through this meeting, all departments and relevant ministries have a deeper understanding of the Hebei provincial government leadership decision support system data. According to the content list the system submitted which the meeting improved, daily data submission can be completed. The attendees highly valued and affirmed Hebei provincial government leadership decision support system construction work, and said that they will implement the key work, achieving the purpose of this scheduling meeting.
It’s known that Research Center of Government Geographic Information System of CASM is responsible for the construction and provide technical support for the system. (Article by Liu Xiaodong)

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