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October 24,2020
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Quality Test Station of Inner Mongolia visited National Calibration Center for Electro-optical Distance Meter(NCCEDM) of CASM

September 1st to 2nd, director of Surveying and Mapping product quality supervision and inspection of Inner Mongolia Borjigin Gerelt led a team of 5 people who were business backbones to visit National Calibration Center for Electro-optical Distance Meter (NCCEDM) of CASM. The two sides has carried on the exchange and discussion on the demand and application of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation industry equipment testing ability construction and detection information management platform construction.
The research group visited the testing laboratory and listened to the introduction of business development, testing and research, testing standards, testing standards device development and software development and other foreign technical services by NCCEDM.
Borjigin Gerelt said that NCCEDM consider the industry demand as its responsibility, and adhere to the development of innovation driven ideas, the achievements of which having a positive impact in the industry, and having played a positive role for the provincial quality inspection station. He hoped to strengthen cooperation in construction of equipment testing ability of Surveying and mapping equipment and in business management level promotion.
The director of NCCEDM QI Weijun pointed out that NCCEDM has a certain technical advantage in testing standard facilities construction and detection of information management software development and other aspects nationwide, which can The overall solution includes custom design, technology applications, and subsequent upgrade services, with successful technical service cases. Qi Weijun emphasized the two sides would treat this research communication as an opportunity to further deepen cooperation with Inner Mongolia quality supervision station to achieve complementary advantages, promote technological cooperation and personnel exchanges, collaborative development, and enhance the ability to testing technology. The two sides carried out exchanges on the current cooperation projects, further clarified the requirements and objectives, and the formed the calendar of the meeting. (Article/ Fang Aiping)

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