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October 24,2020
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The delegation of CASM visited Kenya and Tanzania

August 18th to 25th, invited by the African region development resources surveying and mapping center, and Tanzania land, housing and residential development ministry, Party Committee Secretary of CASM Zhao Jicheng led a team to visit related organizations and academies in Kenya and Tanzania. They discussed on the establishment of Joint research center for Surveying, Mapping, and Geoinformation between China and Africa (China and Tanzania), and how to further promote the two sides in the field of Surveying, Mapping, and Geoinformation system cooperation matters.
RCMRD was an intergovernmental cooperation organization organized by the United Nations economic commission for Africa and Organization of African Unity-OAU in 1975. Now it already has 20 members involved in Africa, aiming at through geoinformation producing, applying and distributing technology, to provide support for African countries in the field of Surveying and mapping, remote sensing, natural resource management, personnel training, project implementation, promoting the sustainable development of member countries. During the visit in RCMRD,the delegation members led by director Hussein O.Farah, visited the RCMRD data reception and processing department, remote sensing monitoring business, geographic information systems department, equipment testing and maintenance department, training department and other business departments, and listened the introductions on the Department of personnel, business direction, the main project and the application of the field by responsible person of the Department.
During the interview, the two sides introduced the basic situation of each other, and conducted communication and exchange on the establishment of a joint research center for geographic information technology between China and Africa and other matters, reaching an agreement. The two sides also further implemented the specific cooperation in Africa national geodetic coordinate system, satellite mapping application technology, the national basic scale map surveying and updating, UAV and related products application cooperation, personnel training and other aspects.
After the visit to Kenya African regional development resources Surveying and Mapping Center, the delegation went to Tanzania to visit Ardhi University. Ardhi University is the most comprehensive college in the subject of Surveying and Mapping in Tanzania. During the visit, Zhao Jicheng and Vice president of Ardhi University Gabriel R. Kassenga, Professor EvaristoLiwa, Dean of School of geography, space science and technology and some college teachers discussed on data resource sharing, equipment product development and training, intergovernmental scientific research project cooperation, geographic information software research and development, and joint personnel training, etc. For the purpose of promoting the development of geoinformation and cooperation between the two countries and cooperation in the development of Surveying and Mapping, the two sides agreed to establish the joint research center for geographic information between China and Tanzania. And based on this platform, CASM can introduce advanced Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation technology and products to Tanzania, and then enhance the geoinformation technology and application services. After the meeting, the two sides reached a consensus on the proposed cooperation memorandum.
This visit is the specific measures to implement the "going out" strategy of National Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation. Through the visit, CASM and related organizations and academies in Kenya and Tanzaniain established cooperation relationships, effectively enhancingthe visibility of CASM in Africa, especially in East Africa, and has laid a good foundation for CASM to establish a broader international cooperation at the next step in Africa. (Article by Shen Tao)

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