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October 24,2020
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Li Chengming attended the Press Conference of the 11th China Smart City Expo

September 8th, the Press conference of the 11th China Smart City Construction Technology Seminar and Equipment Expo was held in Beijing International Convention Center. Vice president of CASM Li Chengming attended the conference and answered the journalists’ questions.
It’s reported that the 11th China Smart City Construction Technology Seminar and Equipment Expo will be held in Beijing International Convention Center during November 3rd to 4th, 2016. The conference will be co-organized by CASM, Information Center of Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of PRC, China National Administration of GNSS and Applications, and China Electronics Standardization Institute.
The 11th China Smart City Expo will summarize the achievements of China's Smart City construction during "12th Five-Year", and will discuss on the development direction, mode and construction goal of Smart City construction during "13th Five-Year". The latest development trend and experience, management system, operation mechanism and industrial policy of the smart city construction at home and abroad will be discussed, as well as the information fusion and new urbanization development new situation under the new era, and opportunities and challenges that "Internet +", big data, and mobile Internet technology bring to the Smart City construction. The Expo will also smart city technology standards, key technology applications and integration, network information security, smart city operations and investment and financing models and industry applications.
At that time, Smart Spatio-temporal forum would be one of the main sub-forums. Chairman of academic Steering Committee of the Expo, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering Cui Junzhi said the consistent principle of this Expo is to provide a high level, professional academic exchange platform for government departments, enterprises and experts and scholars, promote the development of Smart City, crack problems in the process of Smart City Construction, and promote the in-depth integration of Smart City and work and life of the general public. With the theme of "innovation - sharing", this Expo will continue to build the high-end platform for the participants to communicate and cooperate, innovate new ways and methods of resource sharing for Smart City construction, to promote the Smart City construction to a new level.
During the question-and-answer phase in the Press, in response to the questions from the reporter of 21st Century Business Herald, Li Chengming pointed out that Smart City construction involves all aspects, and Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation mainly build a scientific and modern “space base” for the Smart City construction to build a modern scientific modernization of the space base, to provide a new stage like Spatio-temporal cloud platform on the original basis. At this stage, to deploy all the space information to the cloud environment, we need to focus on solving several key issues: one is the Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation data confidentiality issue; Second is place name address matching problem; Third is location based information services. Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation has a huge business space, and the industry chain is also long, so many companies can take part in it.
Li Chengming pointed out that, Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation industry should make due contribution in the construction of Smart City, keep close cooperation with development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of housing, the Ministry of industry and other ministries and actively docking, and has formed the the outline of the Spatio-temporal construction in the standard specification, technology and other aspects, and two criteria were introduced. 39 cities have been selected as the Smart City construction pilots in the country. The pilot is being pushed as planned, and as planned by the end of the samples would be established. At that time, we will the national promotion meeting will be held. At the technical level, we mainly carried out the “five upgrade”: One is from static to dynamic; Second is from the distribution to the concentration; Third is the two-dimensional to indoor and outdoor, and integration of ground and underground to VR Technology; Fourth is from data engine to the knowledge engine; Fifth is from the current service architecture to the super cube of the micro service architecture. At the end, he hoped to carry out in-depth cooperation with the various sectors of the industry, the relevant units, pushing China's Smart City construction to a new height, to provide services for the national economic and social development. (Article, Photo by Zhang Liming)

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