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October 24,2020
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Leaders from Henan Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation visited BEIJING GEO-VISION of CASM

April 15th, director of Henan Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation Liu Jibao, deputy director Song Xinlong led a team of 7 people to visit BEIJING GEO-VISION of CASM, academician Liu Xianlin, president of BEIJING GEO-VISION and members of the company management team took part in the meeting.
On the meeting, the two sides a fairly comprehensive knowledge of the technology and business development of each other for the past few years through advertisement film and field introduction, and discussed and communicated on how to achieve mutual benefit and win-win, common development.
Liu Jibao said BEIJING GEO-VISION and Henan Administration had a good cooperation foundation, and he hoped that the two sides can continue to maintain good relations of cooperation, realize the re-innovation by the combination of practical application with the start-up products of the company through the establishment of academician workstation, allowing the academician workstation platform to be the scientific and technological achievements transformation adhering to the pragmatic work style. He empathized that Henan Administration will make use of the idea of Big Data+, allowing the surveying and mapping to extend to all areas of Henan province, making use of the market mechanism of fund + technology + application to plan the operation, and using the advantage of the resources of Henan Administration starting from the project for the market development of the Henan together with BEIJING GEO-VISION.
BEIJING GEO-VISION said that based on the cooperation foundation with Henan Administration, GEO-VISION would definitely be active to promote the establishment of the academician workstation, giving full play to the advantages of both sides to promote the depth of cooperation. GEO-VISION hoped that the new products and new technologies of the company such as the solution integrating space and land, JX5, airborne LiDAR, MiniSAR can be applied in Henan first, promoting the great development of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation in Henan together with Henan Administration. (Article/ Wu Yuhua)

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