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October 24,2020
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Professor Feng Yanming from Queensland University of Technology, Australia gave academic report in CASM

On the morning of May 31st, Professor Feng Yanming from Queensland University of Technology, Australia gave a report on Computing Covariance Matrices of Line-of-sight GNSS Triple Frequency Signals in Chinese Surveying and Mapping Innovation Base, and exchange ideas with teachers and students of CASM. Related researchers and all the graduates from Institute of Geodesy and Geodynamics (Fangshan Satellite Laser Ranging Observatory) of CASM attended the report meeting.
Feng Yanming took GNSS Triple Frequency positioning as the example, and introduced the shortcomings of determining the weight ratio of the pseudo range and the phase observation by the empirical ratio in the conventional method. He also put forward the necessity of GNSS triple frequency code and phase measurement covariance calculation, and then calculation steps of application of four linear independent non geometric ionosphere free (GFIF) observations to derive the code and phase view measurement covariance was deduced in detail, and finally inally, the advantages of this method was verified by using the pseudo range single point positioning solution of 95 MGEX stations. The report was full of new ideas with strict logic, and the professor explained complex problems in plain language, demonstrating the profound accumulation of scientific research and a solid theoretical foundation. Participants listened carefully, benefiting a lot in in-depth discussion.
On the afternoon, Feng Yanming visited the Beidou Analysis Center of CASM, analyzed how to improve the accuracy of the compass analysis center orbit, clock error, the earth's rotation parameters, and carried out in-depth technical exchanges with the teachers and students in analysis center. He expressed the willingness to carry out multi-level cooperation and exchanges with CASM in such aspects as talent training and scientific research.
It’s said that Feng Yanming is the professor of Queensland University of Technology Institute of Electrical Engineering and Computer in Australia, the first president of the Queensland Association of Chinese scientists and engineers, one of the project heads in Australian Space Information Cooperation Research Center. He was once the chief editor of the Journal of the global positioning system, and continuously served as chairman of the overseas branch of China satellite navigation academic annual conference, and has published more than 100 papers in international journals. His main research direction includes satellite orbit determination, GNSS three frequency signal ambiguity decoding algorithm and the reliability of data processing, research and application of GNSS road safety and the application of fluid mechanics. (Article by Wang Hu)

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