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June 18,2018
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European Delegation of DAAD Visited CASM

Recently, The leader of the DAAD project “Modern Geodetic Space Techniques for Global Change Monitoring”, Pro Nico Sneeuw who is the director of the Institute of Geodesy in University of Stuttgart, lead the European delegation of seven people to pay a visit to CASM. The president of CASM, Cheng Pengfei hosted the communication meeting, and vice president, Wu Lan took part in the meeting, along with the principals and researchers in the relevant departments.
During the meeting, Cheng Pengfei expressed welcome to the delegation from University of Stuttgart, Technical University Munich and University of Luxembourg sincerely on behaves of CASM. After a brief introduction on CASM, he pointed out that, CASM pays much attention to the international exchanges and cooperation. As a main non-university scientific research institution, we are so lucky to be part of this significant international cooperation project. It not only expands the international partners for CASM, but also broadens the horizon of the researchers, not to mention laying a solid foundation for new international cooperation projects. He hopes that we, as the partners, can make full use of this platform of DAAD to further promote the academic exchanges and cooperation at all levels and promote the talent training and scientific and technological innovation together. Nico Sneeuw expressed gratitude to the thoughtful arrangement and hospitality of CASM. After listening to the achievements in scientific research of CASM, he said that, we share same research field and research interests to a great extent. We can enhance mutual understanding by this visit, developing new channels and methods for more extensive cooperation. The two sides also discussed the future cooperation intention, contents and forms, and reached a preliminary cooperation agreement.
Before the meeting, Wu Lan has organized a special symposium. And the delegation were invited to give subjective reports on Geodesy and Geophysics, Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, Hydrology and Hydrology, Modern Geodetic Space Techniques for Global Change Monitoring and the progress of DAAD projects. More than 100 people from relative units in Beijing attended the symposium. The delegation visited the China Surveying and Mapping Science and Technology Museum after the meeting.(Article by ZangYi)

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