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June 18,2018
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Cheng Pengfei and Accompanyings Visited TOPRS for Guidance

Apr. 22th, the Pres. of CASM Cheng Pengfei visited TOPRS for guidance accompanied by Office and the Science and Technology Promotion Department. Leaderships of TOPRS took part in the guidance.
During the meeting, TOPRS made a detailed report about the situation ,development and the prospect of company. After 10 years development, TOPRS had formed network layout covering North, East, South, Southwest, Central, Northwest, Northeast of China. The future development goal is to establish an international perspective, to establish industrial development; to create high-quality brand. 

After the meeting, Cheng Pengfei fully affirmed the technological innovation and industrialization of TOPRS, noted that CASM would provide support for its development. He pointed out that TOPRS should give full play to its advantages, adhere to the modern enterprise development model, seek international cooperation actively. (Article by Fu Xiaomei, Pictures by Zhao Yingju)

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