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June 18,2018
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Li Chengming was Invited to Make a Report at the Famous Hunan Mapping and Geographic Information Lecture

May 26th, the third period of Hunan Mapping and Geographic Information Lecture was held in Changsha, Li Chengming, Vice President of CASM, made the academic report named From Digital City to Smart City and WJ-Ⅲ Map Workstation. Jin Yongzhang, Deputy Director-general of Department of Land and Resources of Hunan Province, attended the meeting. More than 100 managers and technicians took part in the meeting, from department of land and resources of Hunan Province, institutions related to Surveying and Mapping, some colleges and universities, and Science and Technology Promotion Department and related businesses of CASM.
At the meeting, Li Chengming made a detailed report on some aspects, how to grasp the key of the construction of Smart City, how to choose the starting point, how to make good use of the PPP model and difference between Digital City and Smart City, etc. Li Chengming noted out that Smart City is one new pattern, that regarding intelligent space-time information as carrier, rely on networking, cloud computing, big data and other modern technology, turn the technology of urban scientific developing into urban planning, construction, management, operation and so on under the condition of information, to form intelligence running without or less dependent on human.Space-time Information Cloud Platform is the mass accuracy of the data corresponding to the three spatial dimensions and one time dimension, endows wisdom to cities, providing service in the aspects of preferential policy, optimal policy and revival industry.
Li Chengming pointed out six recommendations about the construction of Smart City Space-time Information Cloud Platform: institutional mechanism is the guarantee; top-level design is the core; resource integration is the foundation; layered design is a shortcut; public-private partnership is the direction; network thinking is the key. In WJ-Ⅲ map workstation regard, Li Chengming recalled several technical stages, summarized the different patterns of surveying and mapping products are the main characteristic of each stage, changes in product models will drive significant transform in production pattern and equipment of surveying and mapping. It focuses on the basic function, applications and prospects of WJ-Ⅲ.
During the period in Changsha, Li Chengming attended workshops about Space-time Information Cloud Platform held by Changsha Land and Resources bureau, putting forward to the building of Smart Changsha. (Article and pictures by Zhang Liming)

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