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June 18,2018
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Liu Jiping was Elected as Vice-chairman of Warning Crisis Management Committee and Cartography

Aug. 23th to 28th, the 27th International Cartographic Conference held in Brazil, Vice president of CASM, Liu Jiping attended the meeting with 6 others, and organized exhibition of CASM.
International Cartographic Conference is International Cartographic academic event, held every two years. The conference brings together global mapping and geographic intelligence scientists, governmental authorities, representatives of business mapping, researchers in the field of geographic information, academic exchanges in the Conference covering information visualization, map generalization, spatial analysis, spatial data quality, geographic intelligence, Web mapping and 38 other topics.
At the meeting, Liu Jiping made one presentation which entitled Research and Prospect on Multi-source Geo-spatial Data Integration for Emergency Services, that was comprehensive introduction about the research progress of CASM. Moreover, two papers of CASM, Hybrid Classification Method for Multi-source POIs Based on Semantic Analysis, Study on Rapid Parallel Algorithm based on MPI and OpenMPI for Multi-source POI Location Correction, were allowed to be made an oral report.
On the conference, election of the new technical committee was held. Researcher of CASM, Liu Jiping was nominated and elected as Vice-chairman of warning crisis management committee and cartography. At last, Liu Jiping introduced the ideas and plans about future work.(Article and pictures by Wang Yong)

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