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June 18,2018
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Cooperation and Exchange between CASM and Hebei Bureau of Geoinformation

Recently, CASM Pres. Zhang Jixian, Party Secr. Zhao Jicheng and 10 others went to Hebei Bureau of Geoinformation(HBG) for exchange and cooperation. At the meeting, both parties summed up preliminary results of the cooperation, discussed major contents of future cooperation.
CASM and HBG signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement in March 2014. Over past year, the cooperation projects have achieved a positive progress: the Project of important geographical information monitoring of capital economic circle has accepted, the Census software has widely used, the Development of Beidou CORS software has made a significant progress, UAV has played an important role in the emergency monitoring.
Facing new situation, that rapidly advancing of integration strategy of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, emergent need of Hebei government and public institution reform of HBG, both sides agreed to further deepen the cooperation field and explore a closer inter-agency cooperation mode. After discussion, both sides confirmed, that the cooperation in the fields of BeiDou service, geographical information monitoring, statistical analysis of national circumstances, 3D data processing, 3D GIS platform, map downsizing, digital/smart city, remote sensing technology applications etc. as the cooperation area. Meanwhile, both sides agreed to build a Hebei Subcenter of National Engineering and Technology Research Center of S&M and expand international cooperation.
In order to further promote implementation of the strategic cooperation agreement, both sides decided to establish a cooperation coordination office, to propose a specific cooperation program, coordinate staff and supervise project implementation. Leaders of both sides attached a great importance to the meeting: the agreed contents are concrete, thus laid a solid foundation for deep and extensive cooperation of both sides. (Article by Wang Jizhou)

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