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June 18,2018
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Prof. Nico Sneeuw of Univ.of Stuttgart Germany, visited CASM

Recently, at invitation of the Geospatial Information Engineering State Key Laboratory of NBGSM Prof. Nico Sneeuw, Dir. Geodetic Inst. Univ. of Stuttgart,Germany came to our Academy presenting a report "Satellite Gravimetry and its Applications in Earth Science" . The releventresearchers and graduate students listened to the report.
Prof.Nico Sneeuw introduced the high - low , low - low tracking satellites and satellite gravity gradient measurement principle vividly and took three gravity satellites CHAMP, GRACE and GOCE as examples respectively, introduced their main parameters, data processing methods and application in earth science, especially the application of the monthly average gravity field mode of CHAMP and GRACE satellites in global water quality change and GOCE gravity gradient data in ocean circulation.
Prof. Nico Sneeuw also introduced the Swarm Satellitejust launched by ESA and GRACE and the follow- on plan prepared by USA and Europe jointly. Finally, Prof. Nico Sneeuw disscussed about future prospects of the satellite gravity development .
After the report Prof. Nico Sneeuw had an interactive communication with audience and explained relevant academic problems in details. Every presented benefited a lot from the passionate speech and profound knowledge of Prof. Nico Sneeuw .( Article by Wen Hanjiang , Picture by Huang Zhenwei )

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