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June 18,2018
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“Statistical Analysis Methods and expected Results of Geographical Conditions Census Trial (Draft)” passed Acceptance

On the 12th Nov. ”Statistical Analysis Methods and Expected Results of Geographical Conditions Census Trial(Draft)”, passed the expert acceptance organized by the Dep. of National land survey, NASMG in Beijing. The dep. dir. gen. Li Weisen and chief eng. of NASMG Xu Yanying attended the meeting, Academician Chen junyong and the other eight scholars participate in the acceptance meeting.
At the meeting, CASM pres. Zhang Jixian, made a full report on "Statistical Analysis Methods and Expected Results of Geographical Conditions Census Trial(Draft)", introduced in detail the goals and tasks of the geographic conditions census trial and described statistical analysis methods of geographic conditions information from three levels, which are basic statistics, comprehensive statistics and analysis and evaluation. Moreover, he combed through the expected results of geography national conditions census from eight aspects: data achievements, database and platform achievements, mapping results, information systems, results with statistics and analysis, census reports, document results, technology platform and production and operation system. And he focused on the three major achievements, which are geographical conditions census maps, information systems and reports.
The experts listened to the work report carefully, reviewed the relevant texts, and agreed to pass the acceptance together. The Group believed that the “statistical analysis methods of geographical conditions information" developed the contents and indexes for basic statistics, comprehensive statistics, analysis and evaluation, designed statistical models and analysis methods. The methods and indicators are scientific and rational, and operable;
“Census trial expected results“, based on the total target and task of geographical conditions trial project, put forward the expected results program, including the main results type and content. And there are full reasons, clear objectives, and rational content showing in it.
After the meeting, Li Weisen made a concluding speech, fully affirmed the pioneering research and important achievements carried on by CASM in “Statistical Analysis Methods and Expected Results of Geographical conditions Census Trial(Draft)”. And he required that CASM should improve statistical analysis methods and expected results as soon as possible according to the experts’ suggestions, making it the guiding technical documents to carry out the geographical conditions census trial.
The leaders of Dep. of National Land Survey of NBSMG, CASM and the related departments, as well as all the interdisciplinary researchers of geographical conditions monitoring in CASM participated in the meeting. (Article, Picture / Zhai Liang)

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