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June 18,2018
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The first in China SMG International Technological Cooperation Base settled in CASM

Recently, the Ministry of Science and Technology(MST) selected 20 International technological cooperation bases nationwide, as the first international technological cooperation base in the field of surveying mapping and geoinformation(SMG), "Surveying Mapping Geographic Information International Joint Research Center"(SMGIJRC) applied by CASM, was accredited. It is showed that the MST responded affirmatively to the international technological cooperation in the SMG field. As a milestone of the development of International technological cooperation in CASM, it has opened a new chapter.
Dir. gen. & party secr. of NASMG Xu Deming made a specific instruction: “Make good use of the platform, seize the opportunity and accelerate the scientific and technological innovation”. Dep. dir. gen. of NASMG Li Pengde issued a instruction: “Congratulations to the affirmation of MST on SMG international technological cooperation of NASMG. Play a good role in promoting the improvement and progress of technological innovation and international cooperation system”.
To implement and ascertain the “National medium and long-term science and technology development planning framework (2006-2020)” and the International science and technology cooperation "Twelfth Five-Year" special planning, and promote effectively international scientific and technological cooperation in the "Twelfth Five-Year" period, effectively integrate the scientific and technological resources both at home and abroad, the way of international cooperation in science and technology was transformed from the general exchange of personnel and project cooperation to the combination “project - base – talent”, the MST ratified a number of science and technology cooperation bases at home and abroad. The SMGIJRC based on the Sino-British Joint Research Center of CASM and the international cooperation in science and technology among CASM and Central America, Australia and Finland, has applied and ratified as the CASM is the support institution in China.
For Decades, CASM have promoted the international frontier technology joint research, and achieved fruitful results. The studies in frontier technology have been carried out, such as high-precision positioning and navigation, digital photogrammetry, synthetic aperture radar remote sensing, ecological environmental remote sensing monitoring, geographic information public service and other fields, and a number of international scientific and technological cooperation projects as well as the inter-governmental cooperation in science and technology projects have been undertaken and completed. GPS and Galileo dual system enhanced simulation demo system; low-cost GPS and high-precision positioning prototype, the mobile phone navigation system for the Shanghai World Expo and other software and hardware systems have been developed. Many key technologies have been captured, such as a single frequency GPS ambiguity fast fixing, landscape scale environmental monitoring by combing optical with SAR, domestic surveying and mapping satellite high precision ground joint calibration, ground subsidence monitoring based on the analysis of synthetic aperture radar interferometry point target, satellite image mapping in difficult areas, and other series technologies. CASM has played the important technology supporting roles in helping China join in Galileo cooperation negotiations, geographic information services in the Shanghai World Expo, development of the first domestic surveying and mapping satellite, major projects of the 2M km2 of the mapping difficult areas of western China, promoting and stimulating the progress in scientific and technological area in the field of SMG and industrial development.
CASM has strengthened the national scientific and technological cooperation platform construction and has built the base "Going Out" for ten years. The research institutions have established good mechanisms for international cooperation with related institutions from more than 10 countries and regions, such as the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and Germany. CASM has established the Sino-British Joint Research Centre with the University of Nottingham together, and established "Joint Laboratory for Earth Observation" jointly with the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Moreover, CASM has built an open, cooperative and flow scientific research platform. As an important carrier of the international scientific and technological cooperation implementation, CASM has further deepened the international cooperation, and has played an important role in studying of front technologies, and bringing in the international advanced technology and so on, and has become an important base, which carried out "going out" strategy in SMG area.
Over last ten years, CASM has being attached a great importance to the cultivation and introduction of high-end talent, which enhances our national influence. Through international cooperation, 14 international authoritative and well-known experts, and an expert who is the one of "Thousand Talents Program", and 18 overseas talents were employed by CASM. 16 CASM experts were served in IAG, IUGG, FIG, ISPRS, ICA, PCGIAP and so on; Every year CASM regularly sends more than 10 persons to foreign well-known universities and research institutions. And more than 20 international scholars as visiting researchers were attracted by CASM. And more than 60 postgraduates and doctoral candidates were graduated from CASM; “Earth Observation and Remote Sensing Applications International Symposium" and other large-scale international academic conferences were organized by CASM more than 20 times, which greatly enhanced the international influence of China in the field of SMG.
CASM has been gradually formed a system of the International Science and Technology Cooperation which takes the project as a carrier, and takes the base construction as a key point, and supports for resource integration. The set up and ratification of the SMGIJRC will lead to further drive the original innovation, integrated innovation and the application of innovation of SMG science and technology. And it further promotes the development and growth of China's satellite navigation industry and geoinformation industry. As well as it builds a platform for high-level overseas who involve in the innovation of SMG science and technology in China, and also promotes the domestic excellent experts go to the international arena. (Article / Zang Yi)

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