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June 18,2018
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Sino-UK "Seminar on Precision Agriculture supported by 3S Technology" held in Qingdao

From 8th to 12th, Oct. 2012,the Sino-UK " Seminar on Precision Agriculture Supported by 3S Technology" held in Qingdao, Shandong Province. Under the guidance of the NASMG of China and the British Dep. for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), the seminar was sponsorted jointly by the Univ. of Nottingham(UN) and CASM and undertaken by the Shandong Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences(SPAAS), Hexagon Metrology (Qingdao) Co., Ltd., Qingdao Exploration Survey & Mapping Institute(QESMI). The experts, scholars and businessmen from China and Britain gathered in Qingdao and conducted a high-level Seminar, discussing on precision agriculture technology applications, equipment, research and development, policies and regulations as well as international cooperation and so on.
Academician Wang Maohua, Vice Dir. Of NRSC Jing Guifei, and Dep. Dir. S&T and International Cooperation Dep. Of NASMG Wang Qian, Pres. CASM and Dir. Sino-UK Geospatial Information Joint Research Centre(SUGIJRC) Zhang Jixian, Vice Pres. of CASM and Vice Dir. of SUGIJRC Yanqin, Chief of QESMI Zheng Shengchun, Chief Officer of British Sustainable Agriculture and Food(BSAF) Calum Murray, Secr. of Science and Technology Dep. of the British Embassy in China Will Hellon, the persons of the British side in charge of SUJRC Meng Xiaolin, Pres. Of Hexagon Metrology (China) Co., Ltd. Li Hongquan also participated in the seminar. More than 60 people joined the activity from the British and local academy of agricultural sciences, the mapping research institutes, universities and enterprises et al.
Yan Qin presided over the opening ceremony, Wang Qian, Zhang Jixian, Will Hellon, Li Hongquan and Zheng Shengchun on behalf of the guidance agencies, main organizer and co-organizer delivered speeches separately at the opening ceremony.
At the opening ceremony, Wang Maohua, Jing Guifei, and Calum Murra delivered the high-level academic reports. The report themes were: "Precision agriculture practices and innovative technology development requirements", "Xihe system" and "Sustainable agriculture and food innovation platform".
In technical part, the experts, scholars and related enterprises made the speeches around the research and application of precision agriculture, food safety issues and government policies, based on the fine agricultural applications of geospatial information technology services.
The Seminar is one of the important tasks for Sino-UK Geospatial Centre in 2012, and also 3S technical supported precision agriculture spearheaded is one of the main research directions of the centre. It is very important and meaningful for successfully holding the seminar: to promote cooperation in geospatial information field between China and the UK and to make breakthrough and innovation in the issues such as the precision agriculture theory, technology and its transformation and so on. In particular, the high-precision real-time navigation using machine-control, satellite positioning and integrating with a variety of sensors, and development and innovation in the modern agricultural application with technologies, represented by new remote sensing and communication technology, like unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), all of great significance. Moreover, the great significance also for propelling application on transformation with advanced technological achievements. (Article and picture by Zang Yi)

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