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June 18,2018
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A Seminar on "Smart City" held in Beijing

"The Technological Outline of Temporal-Spatial Information for Pilot Cloud Platform Construction of Smart City" seminar was held in the China Surveying & Mapping Innovation Base On 9th, Oct.. Deputy Dir. Gen. Of NASMG Li Weisen, Dir. Of National Land Surveying and Mapping Div. Bai Guixia and other leaders attended the meeting and delivered speeches. Many experts from the NASMG, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology(MIIT), National Remote Sensing Center(NRSC), Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS), Integrated Construction Exploration Research and Design Institute(ICERDI), SurperMap Software Co., Ltd. and others were presented at the meeting. Researcher Li Chengming (CASM) made a detailed report on the main contents of the technological outline and the relative research work developed.
With the temporal and spatial information support, relying on the Internet of things, cloud computing, sensing devices and other modern information technologies, "Smart City" fully materializes human knowledge into the operation and development with urban planning, design, construction, management under information conditions, and forms the intellectualized topic which does not or less depend on the people. "Smart City" cooperates by optimal combination, and it is a hot issue in the current geographic information field. In order to promote further geospatial framework development and upgrading of digital city building, to meet the demands of geographic information at the initial stage of the smart city, and to guide "smart city" pilot construction, NASMG organized experts to write "The technological outline of temporal-spatial information for pilot cloud platform construction of smart city ".
The leaders and experts participating at the meeting listened carefully to the reporter and had a heated discussion around the outline contents and made valuable comments and suggestions. Li Weisen requirs that the committed team should attach a great importance to the each expert’s question or comment to improve the outline content, and publish the outline as soon as possible. The outline should play a guiding role in smart city construction to be carried out in China in the near future. (Article byMao Xi and Ma Zhaoting)

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