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June 18,2018
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Key Project of 863 Program successfuly passed Acceptance

Key project in the field of Earth observation and navigation technology (863 Program): "The core technology and products of high precision, light, small aerial remote sensing system" acceptance conference was held in the China Surveying and Mapping Innovation Base on Oct. 12, the Ministry of Science and Technology(MST) presided over the conference. The expert group was composed of 16 experts from Wuhan University, Beijing Technological University, Beijing Normal University, National Satellite Meteorological Center, Aerospace Technological Group, Institute of Electronics of Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS), Chinese Forestry Research Institute and others. Wen Bin, Dir. of Dep. Of High and New Technology Development and Industrialization of MST, Li Jiahong, Chief Eng. of National Remote Sensing Centre(NRSC), Wu Lan, Dep. Dir. of Dep. of Science, Technology and International Cooperation of NASMG, Liu Jiping, Vice Pres. of CASM, and other leaders attended the meeting. The project manager Zuo Jianzhang reported the completion of the project.
As a 863 key program, the project consists of five subjects, which were organized by CASM, ten research institutions and enterprises such as Beijing Aerospace University, Institute of Opto-electronics CAS, Geo-vision Tech.Co.Ltd., and China TopRS Technology Co.,Ltd. participated in the project together.
Small-sized aerial remote sensing system shows the mobile and flexible, low-cost, timeliness characteristics and will be booming in parallell with the satellite remote and conventional aerial remote sensing. Due to the limitation of core technology, the research and application in this field were relatively rare. Considering the features such as the resources and environment, terrain and topography, as well as the needs of national economic construction and emergency relief, we are appearing for developing light and small airborne remote sensing. From the demand of national major projects we can see, that the national high-resolution earth observation system aims to capture the core technology and develop airborne remote sensing products with small light and high-precision. Project team combined many domestic advantaged institutions, centralized forces and committed to innovation and had make all efforts for three years. Finally, 4 core technical issues have been made breakthrough, such as digital mapping camera combined of wide-angle, light minicomputer airborne laser radar system, high-precision POS (inertial navigation) and the inertial stability platform. The international high-end POS and technical blockade of embargo is also breakdown. The research staff has successfully developed a high-precision light and small airborne remote sensing integrated system, Airborne LiDAR system light minicomputers, light and small fast-response airborne remote sensing system. The five typical application demonstrations were carried out, such as the aerial surveying and high-precision mapping (1:500 scale), light and small fast response mapping, remote sensing monitoring of disaster reduction and emergency, forest precise measurement and low altitude remote sensing 3D modeling of urban buildings. The project have applied for 23 copyright registrations, 48 patents, 103 published papers, 2 monographs, and trained 40 postgraduates and 20 doctoral students.
The conference also heard the reports on the project background, project completion, innovation and demonstration applications and so on. In particular, the assessment indicators of achievement for contract task. They demonstrated their research projects to the expert group, who reviewed of the relevant reports and put forward their opinions and suggestions.
The acceptance experts evaluated, the project's research had greatly enriched our technological means of aerial photography and equipment varieties, enhanced the international competitiveness of our technical capabilities and market in the field of obtaining aerospace remote sensing images, formed a variety of equipment R & D and production methodology and technical processes. All of this have important scientific value, social benefits in application and popularization of the surveying, mapping and geographic information industry and so on.
Then after questing and the respondent, the research projects and the key technology innovation were fully affirmed and qualified by all. (Article and picture by Guan Yanling )

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