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June 18,2018
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The First Editorial Committee of “International Journal of Image and Data Fusion” (IJIDF) held its fourth Meeting

This year is the last year of the first editor’s committee of IJIDF. On the afternoon of Aug. 27, 2012, the very time of the 22nd ISPRS meeting, IJIDF editorial board held the fourth meeting of the first editorial committee. Pres. Zhang Jixian, editor-in-chief of IJIDF, Joshuja Pitt, representative of Taylor and Francis Publishing Group, vice pres. Yan Qin, the assistant editor of IJIDF and journal editors and editorial board members, totally 14 people attended the meeting.
Zhang Jixian presided over the meeting. Firstly, Yan Qin delivered a progress report of IJIDF. She summarized the work since the publication of the periodical comprehensively, reviewed the achievements, found the insufficiencies and proposed the next step development plan and arrangement. Secondly, Joshuja Pitt made a publishing report of IJIDF. He analyzed the publication of journal articles and subscription from different aspects, affirmed the steady development of the periodical and put forward the next step of journal marketing strategy. Then, the members of editorial committee made a widely discussion about the next editors candidate, periodicals solicit contributions range of revision, responsibility of editors, the planning of special column and how to further improve the influence of IJIDF. They actively put forward many ideas and reached an agreement on the new editor candidates, revision of solicit contributions range and improvement of the reference rate, etc. Finally, Zhang Jixian expressed gratitude to the editorial committee for their work, help and support to him, and put forward the hope for the next editorial committee. (Article and picture by Sun Xiaoxia)

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