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June 18,2018
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“The Core Technology and Products of High Precision and Light-and-Small Airborne Remote Sensing System” of 863-Plans passed Acceptance

On Aug. 8th, the project acceptance of “The Core Technology and Products of High Precision and Light-and-Small Airborne Remote Sensing System”, belonging to the key projects of “The earth observation and navigation technology” of 863 plans presided by MST, was held in the Surveying and Mapping Innovation Base of China. There are eleven experts from the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), China Electronics Technology Corporation, Chinese Academy of Forestry Sciences, Beijing Normal University and National Satellite Oceanic Application Center participating in the acceptance. As a key project of the 863 plans, it consists of five research topics under the leadership of CASM. Ten research institutions and enterprises, such as the Beijing Univ. of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Inst. of Optics and Electronics CAS, Beijing Four Dimensional Information Technology Co. Ltd. and Zhongce Xintu (Beijing) Co. Ltd. of CASM etc, jointly participated in.
At the acceptance, the project leader made an introduction of the background, research progress, innovation achievements and the overall situation of the project. Each research group assessed the index requirements according to the contract task, and made a comprehensive introduction of the group’s task execution, key technology, innovation and popularization of their achievements’ applications, the socioeconomic benefits produced and the promoting function to related industries. The panel also viewed and emulated hardware displays and software demonstrations of each topic.
The topic of “the high precision and miniaturization POS and inertia stabilized platform development” has developed the high precision POS and the large load inertia stabilized platform, as well as the miniaturization POS and quick response inertia stabilized platform, two groups of products as well as the corresponding post-processing software.
The topic of “the development of the high precision and light combination wide angle digital SM camera” has developed one set of light single lens digital camera and one set of high precision combination SM camera, as well as the aerial data pretreatment, aerial camera calibration and compensation software systems.
The topic of “the light and small LiDAR and data processing system” has developed the domestic light and small airborne LiDAR.
The topic of “the research on light and small airborne remote sensing system integration” has developed two kinds of light and small vehicle adapter and seaworthy, various sensors integrated in high precision and comprehensive check technology, formed a high precision image acquisition system of geometics and remote sensing, light and small airborne LiDAR system, light and small quick response airborne remote sensing system, and for the first time in China established the ground-to-ground (tower crane simulation) inspection drill ground and formed a set of multi-sensor integrated calibration process, and for the first time realized 1:500 DGR without control mapping in SM by integrated the domestic cameras with the domestic POS.
In the topic of “application demonstration”, they proceeded the high precision wide angle camera 1:500 topographic surveying, light and small quick response mapping, remote sensing monitoring of disaster reduction and emergency response, forest precision measuring and 3-D modeling of urban building in low altitude remote sensing and so forth five typical application demonstrations. The 5 projects have in total applied for copyright registration 23 items, for patent 48 items, published 103 articles and 2 monographs, educated 40 postgraduates and 20 doctoral candidates.
The experts listened to the above project reports and put forward opinions and suggestions. After the interpellation and defense, the experts fully affirmed the research achievements and the key technological innovation of the five sub-projects. The expert panel also indicated that the research achievements have enriched our country’s aerial photography technology and equipment variety, promoted our country’s technology capacity and market competitiveness in the aviation acquisition field, formed a variety of method system and technical process of equipment research and development. These achievements have significant scientific values and favorable social benefits in their application popularization in the geomatics and the geographic information industry. Ultimately, the experts agreed to accept the five subjects. (Article and picture by Wu Lei and Zhu Kejia)

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