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June 18,2018
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International Laser Joint Measurement of Resource Satellite No.3 succeeded

According to the overall arrangement of Resource Satellite No.3(RS-3) business operation by the Satellite Surveying and Mapping Application Center(SSMAC) NASMG and applied by Fangshan Satellite Station(FSS) of CASM, the international laser joint testing of RS-3 has been started successfully from July 9th, and now the observational data obtained in succession.
After the RS-3 was launched, FSS performed an experiment on domestic laser joint testing from 11th to 15th April. A large number of valid observations obtained and completed on-orbit testing task of RS-3, which made a due contribution to the satellite application.
At present, RS-3 has entered into the conventional operation stage. As a high resolution three-dimensional mapping satellite, it needs not only the high resolution cameras, but also high precision satellite orbit and attitude data. RS-3 uses dual-frequency GPS as the precise orbit determination equipment, besides that, it installed reflectors for the satellite laser ranging, so as to meet the orbit determination requirements better. On the one hand, it can make a necessary verification of GPS orbit determination accuracy. On the other hand, when an exception occurs, it can take the global laser observational data for precise orbit determination, thus to ensure the smooth development of the satellite mapping task.
During the international joint testing RS-3, the FSS was responsible for the joint testing application and organization, as well as satellite forecast and laser data processing, etc. At present, the International Laser Network has put the RS-3 into the observation priority. Meanwhile, the global laser stations find RS-3 successively and obtained large amount of data from it, which provides a solid foundation for the completion of the satellite missions. (Article by Zhao Chunmei)

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