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June 18,2018
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Guest Professor of Wuhan University Wang Yanmin lectured In CASM

On 19th Dec. 2011, invited by Geospatial information engineering key laboratory of NASMG, guest prof. of Wuhan University Wang Yanmin made academic reports in CASM: “Boundary value problem of geodetic surveying and precise positioning of geoid surface” and “Unification of North America vertical datum--- plan, project and its progress”. The scientific research personnel and some graduate students of relevant departments of CASM listened to the reports.
Prof. Wang reviewed the development history of earth shape theory, detailed introduced the theory and calculation method of free boundary value and fixed boundary problem, theoretically analyzed the influence of different errors of geoid surface refining, and estimated the magnitude of these errors with actual calculating examples. Prof. Wang also took the example of the geoid surface refining of America land to analyze the differences in mountainous area between geoid surface and quasigeoid surface, and detailed analyzed the different processing methods for topography in geoid surface.
Meanwhile, prof. Wang also introduced the progress of unification of North America vertical datum, including the plan, project implementation and progress of vertical datum unification which is jointly carried out by America, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and so on. Prof. Wang also detailed introduced the progress achieved in Geoid Slope Validation Survey of 2011, and introduced the check and verification results of geoid surface refining by comprehensively utilizing GPS, water level point, LIDAR, gravity and Deviation of Vertical line(DoV).
Ardent lecture by prof. Wang, rigorous scholarship touched every listener on the spot and won thunderous applause of all the people. After the lecture, Prof. Wang carried out in-depth discussion with the participants, and detailed answered the relevant questions, making every researcher on the spot benefit a lot.

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