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June 18,2018
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2011 Annual Working Meeting of 863 Plan Topic Project of “Object-oriented High-authentic SAR Processing System” successfully held

On 11th Dec. 2011, CASM held 2011 Annual Working Meeting of 863 Plan Topic Project of “Object-oriented High-authentic SAR Processing System” in Chinese Innovation Base of S&M. Academician Li Deren of Wuhan Univ., Eng. Gen. of National Remote Sensing Center (NRSC) LI Jiahong, Div. Chief of NRSC Zhang Songmei, Dep. Dir. of the Dept.NASMG Wu Lan, and other leaders attended the meeting. The meeting was held by Yan Qin, Vice Pres. of CASM, and the superintendents of relevant departments of the project also attended the meeting.
863 Plan Topic Project of “Object-oriented High-authentic SAR Processing System” is jointly undertaken by CASM and many other institutions of China. The project consists of 5 subjects: First, High-efficiency Processing Decompiling System and General Technology of SAR; Second, High-accuracy 3D Information Extraction Technology; Third, Scattering Model of Ground Object; Fourth, High-dependence Decompiling Technology of Object-oriented SAR Image Ground Object; Fifth, Comprehensive Experiment and Application Demonstration of High-resolution SAR Remote Sensing. Execution time of the project: From Jan. 2011 to Dec. 2014.
First of all, Chief Expert of the project, Pres. CASM, Researcher Zhang Jixian introduced the overall situation and research progress of the project. Centering on the overall goal of the project, Zhang comprehensively expounded the research task, assessment indicator, and key technologies and other aspects of the project, and introduced the overall progress of the project in 2011. Afterwards, the headmen of 5 research groups respectively reported the research progress in 2011 and the plan in 2012. Through the consultation and discussion, the experts who attended the meeting all agree that the implementation situation is good in accordance with the annual goal and assessment indicators of 2011, and the research plan and assessment indicators of 2012 are reasonable, feasible, and the commercialization and project propaganda need to be further strengthened. Researcher Zhang Jixian said at the meeting conclusion that annual project implementation scheme of 2011 had passed the appraisal, and hoped that everyone full realize the importance of the project, streamline project goals and research contents, earnestly refine the working plan of next year, pay high attention to system architecture, data sharing, project management, information distribution and other aspects, and at the same time held regular or irregular seminars to strengthen the exchange among research groups and inside every research group.
The success of the meeting provides guides for the project implementation on 2012, and also lays a foundation for the further implementation of the project.

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