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June 18,2018
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S&M UAV first serves Sea Surveillance successfully

With the intensified development of the coastal area in Jiangsu, and more frequent “Reclaim Land from sea” and other activities, a high-efficiency surveillance of the coastal activities are urgently needed. However, effective implementation of sea surveillance is constrained by many reasons, such as, the traditional reporting by masses and on-site inspection are limited by manpower, the satellite remote sensing monitoring has low resolution and bad timeliness, effective information is hard to obtain rapidly and other factors. In order to solve the surveillance problem of offshore area, in June 2011, Dynamic Management Center of Sea Area Utilization of Lianyungang City entrusted Zhongce Xintu(Beijing) Co., Ltd. Of CASM to develop a 3D supervision platform, and adopted the fixed wing UAV aerial photography system which is independently developed by Zhongce Xintu to obtain aerial images ”Reclaim Land from Sea” in offshore, and produce DTM and orthophotomap with a scale of 1:2000 which is made as the basic geographic information for the construction of 3D supervision platform.
From 26th Nov. to 3rd Dec. 2011, Zhongce Xintu sent technical personnel and UAV aerial photography system to Lianyungang to carry out a pilot flight, which accounts for 5 flights, 35 km2 of aerial photography, and 2363 images with the resolution of 0.1 m. The flying control system of UAV aerial photography which integrates high-accuracy surveying dual-frequency GPS precisely recorded the coordinates of the recorded image in time of exposure. Precise location can be obtained after difference calculation, which is used to solve the difficulty that ground control point is hard to be deployed in offshore and tidal flat.
The success that UAV first carried out aerial photography surveillance for sea area provides new technology and new way for the dynamic supervision of offshore area, promotes the scientific and informationization progress of comprehensive sea management, and provides the important technological means for emergency supervision of offshore area.

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