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June 18,2018
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4th Training Class of UAV Aerial Photography Rounded off

Recently, the 4th training class of UAV aerial photography system, which is organized by Zhongce Xintu Co., Ltd. of CASM, rounded off in Datong, Shanxi province. The training class was officially started on 20th October, which was attended by 16 trainees from the 4th Engineering Bureau of Sinohydro Co., Ltd., Gansu Bureau of Surveying and Mapping, Zhongce Xintu Low Altitude Digital Remote Sensing Technology Co., Ltd. and many other companies. Head coach of model airplane team of Air Sports Management Center of General Administration of Sport of China, Tan Yebin and other coaches were invited to teach the trainees the manipulating and controlling skills of flight and theoretical knowledge about model airplane and UAV.
Through four weeks of enclosed training, the trainees basically mastered the basic principle of flying manipulation and control and maintenance for UAV, basic ways of ground monitoring and control for UAV, basic methods of aerial photography design, quality inspection and preprocessing of image. Through the actual whole-process operations of on-site UAV aerial photography, the trainees are able to basically complete design of air route, manipulating and controlling for UAV flying, maintenance for UAV, ground monitoring and control for UAV aerial photography, fast assessment for UAV aerial photography quality, postprocessing for image and so on.
The successful conclusion of the 4th training class marks that the provincial surveying and mapping departments have got another batch of preliminary talents of UAV aerial photography, which made new contributions for the nationwide promotion and use of UAV.

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