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June 18,2018
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Aerial Photography Group of CASM Completed Aerial Image Acquisition Task of Nanhai District with High Quality and Efficiency

The aerial photography task of Nanhai district is an aerial photography project of Bureau of Land and Urban Construction and Water Resources of Nanhai district, Foshan city, Guangdong province, which is undertaken by Zhongce Xintu Co., Ltd of CASM. The project covers an area of about 1200 km2, requires that the flying altitude is 2100 m and ground resolution is less than 20 cm, and adopts Yun-5 aircraft made by China.
The photography area is located in Nanhai district, Foshan city, there are also Foshan airport of Chinese Air Force and Guangzhou “White Cloud” Airport, so the aerial photography has a large conflict with the training flight of Foshan airport, and the photography area is mixed with many civilian aviation routes and besides has the similar flying altitude, which caused many difficulties in airspace coordination. Under the circumstance of urgent schedule stipulated by Party A, Aerial remote sensing engineering center of Zhongce Xintu. Co., Ltd. made full use of every minute to carefully deploy, reasonably arrange, and strengthen the coordination with the cooperative partner and key airspace from the review and approval of the project, renting airplane, airspace coordination, arrange flight crew to every aspect. The flight crew moved into the airport on 26th Sept. and completed the aerial photography task on 21st Oct. which lasted 25 days, completed 5 flights, and completed all the image acquisition task of Nanhai photography area with high quality and efficiency.

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