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June 18,2018
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Special National Scientific Research Project of Public Welfare Undertaking
----- National Standard Draw up Classification and Coding of Traditional China Medicine (TCM) Resources Passed Acceptance

On 17th Oct. 2011, Special national scientific research project----“National Standard Draw up Project Classification and Coding of TCM Resources,” in which participated and is completed by CASM, passed the key acceptance of the expert group that is organized by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine(SATCM)and consists of 15 academicians and experts. Vice president of CASM, Cheng Pengfei attended the conference.
National standard of Classification and Coding of TCM Resources formulated by the project provides spatial data of Chinese TCM resources with a general standard, and plays an important role in the scientific macro-management, information retrieval, information processing and exchange of the data of national TCM resources, and ensures the smoothly implementation of decision-making, analysis, extraction, excavation, prediction and other operations for the information resource of TCM. The national standard and network inquiring system formulated by the project effectively promote the information sharing and information exchange between TCM sector and other social departments, serve the coming 4th National Census of TCM Resources, and provide unified standardization support for the database construction of TCM resource census and network sharing, and play an important role in promoting the informationization of TCM sector, boosting the macro-management of TCM resource information, industry-policy making, the modernization and internationalization of TCM and so on.
The members of the acceptance expert group think highly of the remarkable achievements made by the project, and all believe that the national standard of Classification and Coding of TCM Resources is the basic work of informationization of TCM in China, and has certain authority and binding force for TCM subject and sector. The project has advanced idea, obvious practical value and distinguishing characteristics, is a research achievement with certain scholarship, creativity, rationality and operability, which reaches international advanced level and has very good promotion and application value.
By undertaking the project, GIS technology is promoted and applied deeply in the field of TCM resource, and CASM also get a good technological basis in the field of TCM technological cooperation.

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