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June 18,2018
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Basic Geographic Information and Natural Disaster Information integrated to serve the Public

On 9th Oct. 2011, the “Publishing System of Basic Information about Natural Disaster”, which is jointly developed by National Disaster Reduction Center(NDRC) of the Ministry of Civil Affairs(MCA) and CASM, installed on the official website of MCA, officially opened and serves for public on the Internet. The disaster information of the system derives from the monthly information of natural disaster which is authoritatively published by NDRC of the MCR, and the basic geographic information comes from the State Bureau of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation(SBSMG). The system adopts the technology of space information integration and network information service to integrate the data of occurred natural disaster into the corresponding geographic location, generate the monthly cartogram of various disasters of every province, comprehensively reflect the space and time distribution of natural disasters, publish natural disaster information for whole society through Internet, and provide public with comprehensive information of disaster.

This issue of the system published the disaster information from Jan. 2011 to Sep. 2011, and adopted image-text to demonstrate the loss situation caused by the natural disasters that occurred this year in every province of China. The information includes: the basic situation of the natural disasters, characteristics of disasters, major natural disasters, direct economic loss of every province caused by disaster, dead or missing people, urgently relocated people, crops with no harvest, collapsed and damaged houses and loss images in accordance with the disaster type and damage situation, and so on.
The system will relied on the coordinated operation mode established by NDRC of the MCA and CASM, and regularly publish the consulted and authorized information of natural disaster of last month on the website of the MCA, serve the public of Internet, give full play to the advantages of professional departments, and realize integrated application of the basic geographic information and professional department, which has a great significance for expanding the service field of geographic information and effectively utilizing the government information.

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