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October 24,2020
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Our Academy Received Several Commendations By Ministry Of Science And Technology  [03-22]
CASM Successfully PassedThe2010 Annual Inspection And Acceptance Of The ISO 9001: 2008 Q..  [03-22]
CASM Held The 2011 Working Meeting ͼƬ[03-22]
Deputy Director-General Li Weisen attended the CASM 2010 Annual Summing-up Meeting and d.. ͼƬ[03-22]
Project entitled Analysis methods of ecological adaptability of Salviae Miltiorrhizae ..  [03-21]
The Geo-Window General Platform of Government Affairs Geographical Information Applicati.. ͼƬ[03-21]
Professor Li Lin of Wuhan University delivered the Academic Reports at the Invitation of.. ͼƬ[03-21]
The "Key Technology Research of Mobile Multi-Sensor Integration" of the 863 Program unde..  [03-21]
Beijing Statistical GIS of Science and Technology, developed by CASM, successfully passe..  [03-21]
TopRS' 2011 Work Conference Held ͼƬ[03-16]
"High-accuracy and light-small airborne remote sensing system" is unveiled on the "Eleve.. ͼƬ[03-16]
Yingjiang Earthquake Disaster Analyzed Rapidly  [03-14]
CASM provided Yunnan Yingjiang Earthquake Disaster GIS to State Council Office ͼƬ[03-14]
Dr. Chuanrong Zhang from CSU Visited CASM for Academic Exchanges ͼƬ[12-06]
CASM Delegation Participated GEOBIA 2010 ͼƬ[12-06]
Second Meeting of First Editorial Board of IJIDF Held in Vienna ͼƬ[12-06]
President Zhang Headed A Delegation to Participate ISPRS Centenary Celebrations and Tech.. ͼƬ[12-02]
CASM Delegation Visited SwissTopo ͼƬ[12-01]
CASM Delegation Visited DLR ͼƬ[12-01]
CASM Signed an Industrial Innovation Strategic Alliance Agreement with EDC ͼƬ[12-01]
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