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October 24,2020
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Two Projects Supported by National Western Mapping Program Have Passed the Acceptance an.. ͼƬ[07-20]
CASM Postdoctoral Station was assessed as Good Level  [07-20]
Laser Ranging Subsystem Research and Development Project passed the ex-Institute Review ͼƬ[07-20]
CASM successfully completed the Training of National Internet Map Supervising Software ͼƬ[07-20]
The Project of "Construction of Geographic Information Platform for Emergency Disposal i.. ͼƬ[06-15]
CASM Passed On and Studied the Guiding Principles of the Speech Given by the Vice Premie..  [06-15]
CASM Participated in the 2011 Congress of International Federation of Surveyors (FIG) in.. ͼƬ[06-15]
Scientific and Technical Achievement Appraisal Meeting of "Airborne Multiband & Multipol..  [06-15]
China TopRS Completed the Project Acceptance Check for 2010 National Land Utilization Re..  [06-15]
Prefecture-Level City is Equipped with UAV Aerial Survey System for the first time ͼƬ[06-15]
Concluding Seminar of the "Environmental Informatics for the Development of Landscape Sc.. ͼƬ[05-09]
Deputy Director-General of SBSM Li Pengde and accompanying Officers conduct a Investigat.. ͼƬ[05-09]
Technology Exchange between RIEGL Laser Measurement Systems GmbH of Austria and National.. ͼƬ[05-09]
The CASM has successfully accomplished the Survey &Mapping Science and Technology Assist.. ͼƬ[05-09]
Xinjiang Quasi-Geoid Refining Projectthe Sub-Project of China Western Mapping Project..  [04-07]
China TopRS Co. Ltd. technically supported Guangdong and other 15 provincial surveying a.. ͼƬ[03-29]
Western Mapping Equipment Obtained Good Operation Results ͼƬ[03-22]
CASM Held Propaganda Work Conference And Deployed 2011 Propaganda Work  [03-22]
Prof. Wu Xizhi From China Ren min University Came To CASM At Our Invitation To Give The .. ͼƬ[03-22]
The GIS Of Tibet Area Lamasery Management Passed The Inspection And Acceptance ͼƬ[03-22]
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