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October 24,2020
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CASM Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Hubei Bureau of Surveying and Mapping ͼƬ[10-28]
CASM Provides Technical Guarantee for Emergency Drill of Sudden Geological Disaster of G.. ͼƬ[10-28]
Handover Ceremony of the First Emergency Monitoring Vehicle of National Geographic Infor.. ͼƬ[10-24]
Zhongce Xintu Co., Ltd. of CASM completed the Key State Project---Changshan Archipelago .. ͼƬ[10-24]
Inauguration of Airship Remote Sensing R&D Testing Base of National Surveying & Mapping .. ͼƬ[10-24]
CASM Signed MOC with Nottingham University of U.K., Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sci.. ͼƬ[10-01]
CASM Accomplished R&D for Emergency Monitoring Vehicle of National Geographic Informatio..  [10-01]
One-to-One Training in UAV-Technology for 3 Provinces by the Zhongce Xintu Co. ͼƬ[10-01]
CASM joined in Public Service of Direct Broadcast Satellite to whole Country  [09-27]
5 Single Projects of the West Mapping Project checked and approved successfully ͼƬ[09-27]
Peoples Daily: No Map Area of 2 M Km2 in the West filled up No Blank for Basic Map.. ͼƬ[09-26]
Economic Daily: Travel in West, Map available ͼƬ[09-26]
2011 Seminar on Governmental Information Resources serve to the Public ͼƬ[09-26]
1st Editorial Committee of International Journal of Image and Data Fusion (IJIDF) held i.. ͼƬ[09-06]
"Direct Reporting Network Management Platform of Broadcasting and TV Statistical Informa.. ͼƬ[09-06]
User exchange Conference of SWDC Serial Digital Aerial Camera held in Xiamen ͼƬ[09-06]
International Symposium on Image and Data Fusion held in Tengchong Yunnan  [09-06]
Academic Exchange of Dr. Fang Ming of MIT in CASM ͼƬ[09-06]
Researchers of Academy to Australia for 25th IUGG Conference ͼƬ[09-06]
President Zhang Jixian led Delegation to U.K., Netherlands and Finland for international.. ͼƬ[09-06]
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